Friday, May 23, 2008

And We're Back

Sorry for the horribly infrequent posting - back for the summer now. Missing a week and a half makes a difference when the manager accuses the fan base and television channel of his employer of widespread racism, the team makes like it's 2000 and gets swept out of Turner Field, and the GM "decides" to fly into Denver to "watch" the team during the weekend set against the Rockies.

With all that being said, you know my take on Willie, the series in ATL was hard to watch, and we can only hope that Freddie Coupon fires Willie and Omar on the same day.

And just a random tidbit as I watch Oliver Perez slowly implode: Today on M&MD FranDog was steadfastly defending the "great" moves of Omar Minaya. They kept talking about the "Maine" and "Perez" deals as if those two players were the centerpieces and not throwaways by the O's and Bucs. Long story short, I hadn't listened to the two of them is a while and now remember why - they're idiots.

More tomorrow. Let's hope Fernando Tatis' moonshot can hold up.

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