Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It Looks So Natural No One Can Tell

Those currently enjoying the broadcast on SNY were just treated to the following exchange:
Keith: "I always liked the way Willie handled his players. Even I needed a pat on the back once in a while in the prime of my career."

Gary: Well, you were fragile.

Your 2007 Emmy winners ladies and gentlemen.
Update: Two walks, a hit batter and a Josh Willingham triple made it 3-0 fish in the first. That was followed by a bizarre sequence. Beltran whiffed on a Wainwright=esque hook, Delgado followed by striking out looking at an identical hook. However, when Delgado struck out Wright stole 2nd...when Wright broke for 2nd, Reyes broke for home and was gunned down by the SS the Red Sox wish they didn't trade...inning over.

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