Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bend Ya Knees: Week 1

In games through Sunday 4/6 Lastings was hitting at a .267/.313/.400 clip.

Our own Ryan Church? Why he was hitting a robust .381/.409/.524! Brian Schneider you ask? .333/.409/.333 - sure he's not slugger but he's a better OBP man than Lastings! Isn't that what Moneyball was all about!

WE FLEECED WASHINGTON BRO! ABSOLUTELY FLEECED THEM! Church is soooooooo much better than that rapper from Bradenton. And B-Schneid? Johnny Bench 2.0 may seem like a stretch but, hey he's THAT GOOD.

Addendum: Does anyone remember when Aaron Heilman was a key trading chip and/or integral part of the bullpen?


Dan in Texas said...

I have no faith in Heilman right now.

At least Duaner is pitching in the minors, lets hope he get back to full speed fast.

MP said...

Just HR after HR and terrible body language - it's a horror show. And the fact that Willie had Feliciano killed and buried in the bullpen doesn't help either.