Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun With Small Sample Sizes: Part I

Yeah, so I ripped off the title from FJM. Sue me.

After three games, Blastings! Thrilledge needs to close up shop. Because while Lastings may be hitting .294/.368/.471 with a 126 OPS+, he's no Ryan Church. Shit, he's no Brian Schneider!
                 BA  / OBP / SLG / OPS+    
Ryan Church:    .385  .429  .615  184
Brian Schneider .400  .500  .400  152 

But neither of these heroes of the first week can hod a candle to the immortal former Cyclone himself. The man who made all of us cringe as we thought of his name in the starting lineup. Yup, Angel Pagan is on pace to hit a super human .400/.500/.600 with a 202 OPS+! Take that sabermetrician basement nerds!

The scrappy Brady Clark, however, is on pace to do exactly what we expected: .000/.000/.000

Coming Sunday, the first of the weekly "Bend Ya Knees" and "TOAST!" Milledge and LoDuca updates.


John Peterson said...

Weekly updates? Srsly?

Week One
Blasto: rulez
TOAST!: sux

Week Two
Blasto: rulez
TOAST!: sux


MP said...

Yeah it's happening. I'm sure you enjoyed the two passed balls today from's going to be a long year