Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morbidly Appropriate

I was sitting in Shea last night when David Wright booted the ground ball.  

I told my friends not to boo so loudly because, hey, it's David Wright and the pitcher was due up next.  

You know, the pitcher on the visiting AL team...the one that never hits.  Yeah, the one with 8 career ABs and no hits, that guy.  

And then it happened:

And it's outta here.

It was fitting.  Because from now on if you ever have to describe life as a Met fan to another human being you can just roll a clip of King Felix going yard...the other way...off Johan Motherfucking Santana.

(H/T to USS Mariner for the screengrab)


MP said...

Anyone who caught it on SNY or WFAN - please fill me in on how Gary, Keith & Ron and/or Wayne & Howie handled the call.

Anonymous said...

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