Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whither Mike Carp?

Let's play a game, shall we?  I'll throw out a bunch of numbers and you tell me who the rightful owner is.  Ready?  Ok, here we go.  

.230/.303/.399 with a scorching 87 OPS+

Did you say Carlos Delgado?  The starting first baseman on a championship caliber™ team?  You would be - correct!

Ok, here's a few more.  Pay attention now.

.335/.405/.518 with an OPS+ better than 87

No, those are not Lastings Milledge's numbers.  If they were I'd have died of an aneurysm already.  Yeah, they are Mike Carp's'd you know?  Mr. Carp has been nothing short of a super-hero at Binghamton for the first 69 games of 2008.

Hey, I know it's AA ball.  I know Mike has never had a year even remotely close production-wise to what he's accomplishing so far in 2008.  But you know what?  I don't care.  And neither should you.  

Mike Carp not getting at least a cup of coffee symbolizes everything that's wrong with this organization.  Carlos Delgado is done.  There is no more "when is Delgado going to heat up" discussion (rightfully so) - only chatter about "do you think we could even get a C-level prospect for him" (No).

He's been written about extensively.  A few notable pieces come from MetsGeek and  Yet, how many Met fans even know who he is?  They know who Abraham Nunez and Robinson Cancel are, but Mike Carp remains a mystery to the masses.

So why is he still in Binghamton?  

In 2004 David Wright tore through AA at a .363/.458/.619 clip for 60 games.  He was promoted to AAA for 31 more games and the rest, as the ol' saw goes, was history. 

Ok, now this might be groundbreaking and I acknowledge that beforehand - I say, with all confidence, that Mike Carp should be promoted to New Orleans.  

He will have amassed right around 30 games by the trading deadline and put the team in a position to see if he's ready to get the call to palatial Shea Stadium.  If all goes well Omar can call him up to split time at 1B - a position left vacant by the trade of Carlos Delgado to the Chiba Lotte Marines for an autographed 8"x10" of Bobby Valentine.

Simple, right?  There you go, the first step towards restoring order and sanity in the dysfunctional wasteland that is Flushing.

DISCLAIMER:  Mike Carp is not equivalent to David Wright in any way shape or form besides a small sampling of numbers both put up in AA.  And even then, Wright was better.  I'm just sick and tired of watching the fervent opponent of Operation Iraqi Freedom swing and miss or hit dribblers into the shift.  Thank you. 


caryn said...

I'm not sure when we turned into a police state where we're not allowed to disagree with the government's position.

NEWS FLASH: Lots of Americans disagree with the war. Check a news poll that isn't on Fox.

Listen, I hate Delgado right now and want the Mets to trash his salary, but that cheap shot was uncalled for. I also hate "God Bless America" and if I could get away with not standing for it, I would (because I believe that, guess what, God blesses Bangladesh just as much as God blesses America).

MP said...

Wow, I understand the sarcasm doesn't convey well through the computer, but calm down. Just a little nickname I have for our terrible first baseman - not trying to make any grandiose political statements.

I could care less what anyone's political views are and by no means was trying to impose my own on this, my decrepit little corner of teh interwebs. If Stalin could put up a 1.000+ OPS I'd petition Omar to sign him.

Oh and about Delgado, just get him off the Mets.

Ceetar said...

Wait..what is that! Is that egg on your face?!

NostraDennis said...

I see Ceetar beat me to it by several months.

I'd spin it this way - that post was the kick in the tushie Delgado needed to finally heat up. Take credit, not blame!

Anonymous said...

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