Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sal from Bayside, You're on the FAN

First time, long time.  Love the show.  Two comments and I'll hang up and listen to what you gotta say.

Listen, what's the story with this Jerry Manuel?  Can you believe this guy?  I mean, seriously, 3-4.  They shoulda just kept Willie.  At least the guy was a winner.  What has Manuel won?  The White Sox?  Manager of the year?  Who cares about that garbage, Willie was a Yankee.

Hey, listen don't cut me off I gots another point to make.  How we doin' on time?  Am I up against the 20/20?  Ok I'll make it quick.

And this bum David Wright, I mean, are you friggin' serious?  My kid fields ground balls like that on a regular basis and he's 4.  You know, I got him dat big red plastic bat from K-Mart.  Kids a natural, but back to my point.  This guy Wright is a bum.  Not a clutch player he needs to go.  Maybe trade him for A-Rod see if the Yanks'll throw in Joba?  I'll hang up and listen to what you gotta say.


John Peterson said...

Haha, it's like being there.

MP said...

I need to find a way to record the stream from and post mp3s of the best ones. Perhaps one day when I'm unemployed.

Anonymous said...

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