Sunday, December 9, 2007

Apparently Mel Rojas Had Other Plans

(Jeff Fassero in 1998)
From the Daily News (via MLB Trade Rumors):

FASS TRACK: Surprisingly, the Mets were interested enough in the idea of bringing aboard veteran lefhander Jeff Fassero to have him throw for scouts. Fassero, who turns 45 next month, was out of baseball last season and will gear up for an attempted comeback by playing in the Mexican winter league.

That's 45, as in forty-five, as in fucking old.

What were Jeff Fassero's numbers the last time he graced a major league diamond you ask? A sweet 7.80 ERA, 2.067 WHIP, and 58 ERA+ in 15 IP last season for Christopher Russo's favorite team.

Great job Mets! Everyone thought we needed a frontline starter and a reliable bullpen presence. So instead, you go ahead and consider adding a pitcher to the bullpen who has been roughly 25% worse than the league average since he turned 40 and who will probably give up 2 baserunners per inning for his first 10 appearences in April and then retire. Shrewd, shrewd move.

Is this team fucking serious? But after watching the bullpen absolutely turn to dogshit in the last half of 2007 the best this team can come up with is paying someone to be in Mexico to watch Jeff Fassero? Take that cash, buy a handle of scotch and airmail it first class to Bill Smith c/o Minnesota Twins and get on the goddamn horn instead.

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