Saturday, December 15, 2007

Herbs From South America

Add another well thought out excuse to the long list that includes flax seed oil and vitamin B-12. Herbs from South America. That's right. Herbs. From. South. America. Listen, we all could use a few more red blood cells. This, from everyone's favorite borderline hall-of-famer, Jim Parque:
"Either someone isn’t telling the truth, or steroids really don’t work because I was throwing 80, 81 mph before the report said I took them, and I was throwing 80, 81 mph after I allegedly took them..."
But what about the evidence Jimmy? The paper trail, the bottle of fucking Winstrol that you sent to a certain Rodamski character to "check out?" Did you want him to make sure they weren't steroids so you could feel even more self-righteous as you flushed it down your undoubtedly gilded and jewel encrusted shitter?

"Parque sent Radomski a bottle of Winstrol to ‘check out.’ Radomski determined it was ‘no good’ and discarded it.'’

[The Mitchell Report] goes on to say that Radomski had Parque’s phone numbers and address, as well as two checks from Parque totaling $4,800 that also were shown in the report.

Parque admitted to sending the checks and said he received in return ‘’a bunch of supplements, some creatine, vitamins, some stuff to increase my red-blood-cell count and some herbs from South America that were supposed to help with my injuries.'

There you have it. Herbs from South America. There's a joke to be made in and of itself there, but I'm too tired to figure it out.

Hat tip to CSTB for the link.

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