Thursday, December 13, 2007


From pg. 208 of the Mitchell Report:

"Paul Lo Duca is a catcher who has played with three teams in Major League Baseball since 1998, the Los Angeles Dodgers (7 seasons), Florida Marlins (2 seasons), and New York Mets (2 seasons). He has appeared in four All-Star games. Todd Hundley referred Lo Duca to Radomski when Lo Duca played for the Dodgers. Radomski estimated that he engaged in six or more transactions with Lo Duca. In some transactions, Radomski sent the performance enhancing substances by overnight mail to Lo Duca’s home or to the Dodgers clubhouse and Lo Duca sent Radomski a check a week or so later."

Now we know why Omar was so shrewd in not signing Captain Red Ass....he had an inside source all along.

In other news, Hundley was also named so I'm giving the single season Mets HR record to Piazza. There's specific accounts of Clemens injecting himself during the 2000 WS so we should give that title to the Mets as well...Of course we probably would have never got to the NLCS in '99 because Todd Pratt was named too.

Hopefully you picked up the sarcasm there. It is shocking, however, to see how many mediocre to horrible players were (supposedly) juicing. Gary Bennett?!?!? Josias Manzanillo?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Yeah, the 'roids did a lot for their ability...

If you want to read a fascinating account of grown men attempting to inject unknown substances into their asses, failing at it, and then asking another grown man to inject their asses for them then by all accounts read the Mitchell report.

If you're like me and just don't give a shit anymore, it may be worth it for the unintentional comedy value. Take this gem of a note from LoDuca's lengthy section:

"Kirk, Sorry! But for some reason they sent the check back to me. I haven’t been able to call you back because my phone is TOAST! I have a new # it is [Lo Duca’s phone number is listed here]. Please leave your # again because I lost all of my phonebook with the other phone. Thanks Paul"

TOAST! That Captain Red Ass!

More to follow.

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