Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Times All Around

Quick side note, is there a better mascot than the "generic weight with muscle arms and a toothy smile" for I can't think of one off the top of my head.

Johnny Franco, #45, Mr. NYC Sanitation himself was on Boomer and Carton this morning and went on the record saying that Roger Clemens shouldn't be in the HOF. Pretty damning stuff coming from the back of the garbage truck. On that note, let's take a tour of the blogosphere shall we?

It's Mets For Me has the best montage of Captain Red Ass roid rage pictures.

Fire Joe Morgan takes John Kruk to task about his litigation skills.

Can't Stop The Bleeding's Ben Schwartz comments on Yahoo! Sports use of the race card.

Can't Stop The Bleeding's GC wins the award for best post on the "paper trail."

Neil Best over at WatchDog for some reason thinks that it's still football season - and links to his fine newspaper column on the debacle.

Awful Announcing links to the YES network denial of David Justice, and mentions the strange lack of the same for Fernando Vina.

Metstradamus is on his soapbox...and he gets props for the best picture so far.

Lone Star Mets is pretty upset with Todd Hundley.

The McFly weighs in and has the Mets winning in 2000 by game analysis.

And last but not least, Brooklyn Met Fan wins for best line of the morning..."Matt Franco - big whoop"

Enjoy the syringes.

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