Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bring Back Bannister

For some reason (conspiracy) Omar Minaya decided to trade one of the organization's more promising young pitchers for a reliever who couldn't make it in Kansas City...yes, Kansas City.

Ambiorix Burgos can throw a baseball as hard as anyone I've ever seen...Unfortunately most major league hitters can hit a Burgos pitch as far as I've ever seen.

As always, the mastermind, prophet, or whatever you like to call Rick Peterson, had a few choice words about Mr. Burgos' velocity.

"The issue is this: High-end velocity without location doesn't get anybody out in the big leagues, That's the bottom line. Until guys realize that's the priority, they won't succeed in the big leagues."

KC Star Columnist and Blogger Joe Posnanski's words about Burgos have been widely discussed, but the question of why Omar would trade a young pitcher who seemed to have the mentality to succeed in NY for a reliever who focuses on "carnival prizes" eludes my thinking to this day.

Leave it to the genius to explain Burgos' velocity and location problems...

"He's just got to understand there are no more stuffed animals to win in the big leagues," Peterson said.

"If you throw 97 and have no idea where it goes, they'll pay you a lot of money . They think that we can make you learn how to pitch. But when they wrote that check for velocity, you cashed out. You're not going to make another dollar on velocity. You'll make all your money on location."

Burgos' opinion...well here's hoping he's far from Queens in 3 or 4 years...

Burgos is confident, too. "There is no doubt in my mind that in three or four years, I will be a closer in the big leagues."

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