Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Betting the Kid Isn't a Fan of The Policy in Iraq is reporting that Doug Mientkiewicz's replacement has left the team to be with his wife in Puerto Rico for the birth of their first child...

In other news Don Zimmer's most fearsome sparring partner made 125 tosses from 75 feet today...apparently that's a good thing.

"'I'm on the same program but making a lot more progress than the previous week,' Martinez said.

Martinez said he throws four days during the week and spends about five hours a day working out at the Mets' minor-league facility in Port St. Lucie.

'It's agonizing some times,' Martinez said. 'So far I am sticking to the program. I feel real good, no pain. I'm not evening icing yet. But this is just throwing long. When you throw off the mound it's totally different.'"

Everyone's favorite Jewish RF is reportedly losing his "stronghold" on a starting spot according to Newsday's David Lennon.

Does it matter if there's an aspiring record producer with a bad attitude in RF or a over-the-hill, poorly defending, "I wonder if I should play on Yom Kippur or not" in RF? I don't think so. Milledge is destined to be trade bait anyway with the emergence of Gomez and Martinez in the minor league OF ranks.

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