Monday, March 26, 2007

Say It Ain't Chan Ho (It Ain't)

Pelfrey has been officially named the fifth starter according to the NY Daily News' Adam Rubin.

Thankfully for us fans this means we don't have to worry about Chan Ho and Aaron turning into this season's Geremi and Lima Time.

The fifth starter won't be needed until April 15th, and management hasn't told Pelfrey whether or not he'll be assigned to the minors until then essentially allowing the team to carry a 7-man bullpen and a 6-man bench. At this point leaving Pelfrey in the Big Easy until Tax Day would make the most sense, enabling the bench to be a bit deeper and giving the aspiring record producer a shot at the big time.

Hopefully Da Edge will still be able to spin records (and swing a bat) after being plunked again yesterday.

  • Tonight - Tom Glavine makes his final spring start against the Dodgers' favorite piece of trade bait, Brad Penny. Tune in to SNY for all the exciting commentary of Gary, Keith and Ron....If you're lucky they'll discuss Keith's exciting array of highlighter colors again.

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