Friday, February 22, 2008

The Professor & His Balls

Caption contest time! Post in the comments.

"Really Rick? Victor Zambrano? 10 minutes?"

Check out more pictures here. Happy weekend.


MP said...

This confirms my suspicions.

The Coop said...

Great analysis here, MP. We do some of this analysis over at Flushing U, where we have a lot of knowledgeable minor league folks. You are right on the dime with the only guy left is F-mart...and according to the stories, we may even see him this year! So then we really got crap. LOL But seriously, as a lifelong Mets fan, I have seen this organization hype up overrated prospects just to have them make it to the bigs, suck, then get traded for scrubs, or those who become self-fulfilling prophecies (like Milledge, well, I disagree with that myself b/c I think he could be flashy but he's a decent kid nonetheless) and all of a sudden become "problems." In any case, I guess they want to trade Niese for a Santana-like guy, but it's not gonna happen.