Saturday, April 14, 2007

If They Win 40 Games, They Got One From Us

After a great performance on Friday night against the Nats which included a man who eats 50 egg whites per day get the winning hit, El Duque looked his age against a shaky at best Nationals lineup today. For the record, I don't see how an umpire can feel that a pitcher is intentionally throwing at someone when the pitch is clocked at 32.4 mph and/or the batter reaches out and catches it wiffle-ball style.

The good news is, while Pelfrey was shaky on Friday, his stuff looks as good as ever and hopefully the Professor can whip him into early Spring Training form. The bad news is that NYC, and the rest of the East Coast for that matter, is supposed to get spanked by a Al Gore-esque monsoon/Nor'Easter/global warming induced/Day After Tomorrow style/already produced baseball sized hail in Dallas/super-mega-ultra storm.

I guess that means no baseball on Jackie Robinson Day at Shea.

If not, the Mets head to Philly for two and Florida for two...I'm more excited about Dolphins Stadium...what a stadium for baseball.

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