Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's a Fact, The Mets Are Good For Business

<-- Aaah, memories.

According to Newsday, ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball opener featuring the Mets and Cardinals was the highest rated opening day/night game since 1994, drawing a 6.9 share in New York and attracting 3.5 million viewers nationally. Not quite football, but better than bowling.

Tonight's game may be the most anticipated of the early season for one reason: Braden Looper. Not too many people have forgotten the waste of a closer's taunting of the Mets last season after Game 7. If only this game was at Shea...Here's hoping when the Cards visit Queens the rotation falls in such a way that Mr. Looper can receive the worst all-around booing since John Rocker was good.

In fact, here's a heck of a suggestion from Metstradamus "Maybe instead of a ceremonie, Braden Looper can sing the "Jose Jose" song in front of the sold out Wednesday crowd. Am I a bad person for being a little extra excited that Looper is pitching tonight?" I for one certainly don't think so.
Mets, Cards 8:05 SNY & WFAN. Maine and Looper...I'm excited.

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