Sunday, April 8, 2007

Touché, Mr. McCarver

As I watched Shawn Green tear the cover off the ball right into Goldilocks' glove yesterday afternoon, I got mad at the game of baseball. Why, you ask? Because if David Wright doesn't steal second, the game is probably tied. Instead, a good move may have cost the Mets a shot at tying the game in the ninth.

The Hebrew Hammer has tacked on to his recent success at the plate launching a Kyle Davies offering out of Turner Field moments before Ramon Castro followed with an absolute moonshot to put the Mets up 2-1 in Atlanta.
Right now: 2-1 Mets leading the Bravos bottom 4. El Duque looks sharp save for a lead off HR by Kelly fact he hasn't allowed a hit since. Plus, Gary Cohen just tossed "befuddled" into the broadcast, it's a hell of an afternoon.

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Floetic21 said...

i guess from browsing all your's easy to conclude that you're a baseball fanatic of sorts....have you ever played the sports before...maybe in high school..or you rather to be a spectator? i can't seem to get into it...or any sports for that matter....maybe it's better when you watch it in group of people....makes for better excitement...i don't know! i could get with soccer though!